Machine Metabolic is the private coaching facility of James Metabolic aka James McCormick.

Realizing in the '70's that power is key in all life and sport, not only enhancing athletic ability but causing physiological responses that increase leanness, muscularity and fat loss, James was a trend setting pioneer, training antagonistic muscle groups to maintain heart rate response, increase metabolic responses, build strength, balance, leanness, circulation and energy systems, leaving the system with days of walkaway metabolic burn for fat loss. 

Circulation dilation from garden hose to firehose occurs immediately using all forms of resistance as the modality, activating vascular dilation and noninvasive neuro muscle control through every centimeter of the anatomy. Increased circulation and muscular control is directly applied to all sport and all functional life. 

James designed some of the first and still in use programs, group programs, cutting edge equipment concepts and nutrition for many of the leading clubs and manufacturers in the industry. 

Machine concepts and programs are 35 years in research, development, application and results, encompassing every physiological system to shape, hardness, leanness, balance, flexibility, heart and circulation health. 

Built into each exercise is a stretch. 

A true Bang for Buck modality.

In one month, I can help you achieve the results that you will spend years trying to get training incorrectly.
— James McCormick